Konstantinos Tsakalis


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(480) 965-1467, Office: GWC 358

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Personal Info:

  • Ph.D., University of Southern California (Adaptive Control of Time-Varying Plants)
  • MS EE, MS ChE (USC), BSc ChE (ΕΜΠ)
  • Interests:
    • Control Systems (Adaptive, Linear, Time-Varying, Nonlinear, Embedded)
    • System Identification, Optimization
    • Applications to Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes
    • Biomedical Applications: Prediction and Control of Epileptic Seizures

List of publications and student theses/dissertations (upd. March 2015)

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Project Info

Prediction and Control of Epileptic Seizures  

Embedded Control Systems (Educational) 

System Identification and Control

MIMO loopshaping: Furnaces, Paper machines etc

PID Controller Tuning

Performance Monitoring

Nonlinear ID

·         Multivariable system identification and control:  Temperature Control of Diffusion/CVD Furnaces 
(sponsored by SEMY Eng. Inc., -then Brooks PRI EESBU –then Applied Materials) 

·         Integrated Identification and PID Controller Tuning by Frequency Loop-Shaping 
(sponsored by Honeywell HTC-Phoenix)

·         Identification and Control for Paper Machines 
(sponsored by Honeywell HTC-Phoenix)

·         Controller Performance Monitoring,

§  ACC'02 presentation


·         Browser-Based Control Systems Simulation (Educational)

J-DSP-C: A Browser-Based Control Systems Simulation Environment
(supported by NSF-CCLI)

·         Run-to-Run Control
Run-to-Run Control: Application to Oxidation Processes 
(with SEMY Eng. Inc. and AMD)

Scheduling of Operations (Semiconductor Manufacturing)

o    A Control-Theoretic Approach to Scheduling Semiconductor Fabrication Processes 

(sponsored by INTEL Co. 

Sensors (Ellipsometry-MBE)

o    Integrated Multi-Sensor Control for MBE Control of III-V Nanostructures 

(sponsored by DARPA )

Adaptive Systems Theory

o    Burst phenomena in adaptive systems:

(sponsored by NSF) 

Hydrapod schematicLet's make something that walks on two legs: The Hydrapod Senior Design Project     

Other Projects: 

Experimental Identification of Static Process Models and Run-to-Run Control

(sponsored by MOTOROLA)


Course Info

Various Class Notes, Projects, etc.

Notes on:
   linear algebra, system identification, controller design
   modeling examples, case studies
   applied optimization, adaptive estimation algorithms
   quick PID tuner m-files
   wafer furnace emulator in SIMULINK