A Collection of Class Notes

Kostas Tsakalis, GWC 358, 965-1467, tsakalis    (http://www.fulton.asu.edu/~tsakalis)

1. ECE 201:  Electrical Circuits I

     Notch Filter Example computations
     Op_amp applications 1  , 2,  3.
    Review Notes

2. EEE 303:  Signals and Systems

     System Properties
    Fourier Transform Tables (for exams)
    Sampling experiment description , Matlab file , Tada sound
   Solved Problems ( Ch.1 , Ch.2 , Ch.3 , Ch.4 , Ch.7,8 )

3. EEE 480/482/582:  Linear Systems

      E-Notes:     (*.pdf, Adobe 4.0)
     Set_1 (366Kb)  Feedback Control (System Gains, Elementary Model Reduction, Disturbance Attenuation, Uncertainty)
     Set_2 (289Kb)  Identification (Formulation of a simple system identification procedure)
     Set_3 (237Kb)  Linear Algebra Notes
     Set_4 (229Kb)  Stability, controllability, observability
    Set_5 (245Kb)  Practical Controller Design

    EEE 482 PROJECT   (Problem statement is PDF; Use R-click, "save link as..." for the rest)
   Problem Statement,    Simulator,Controller Blocks, Data File 1, Data File 2,  MATLAB functions (zip)

    EEE 480 Materials
   Course Outline ,   Introduction to feedback systems (presentation) ,   
   Lab Exercises
,   Lab 1 Sample report (detailed version) ,   Sample Simulink files for the lab (.zip)

  Modeling notesSimulink files for the notes (.zip)

   Case Studies (presentation)Simulink files for the case studies (.zip)
   Lead-Lag Design: Quick review (.pdf)

   Quick PID tuner (.zip)

3. Adaptive Systems and Optimization

    Notes on applied optimization (490k)
    Adaptive estimation algorithms (285k)

4. EEE498: Computer Controlled Systems
(development supported by Consortium for Embedded & Networking Technologies)

Wafer Furnace Emulator (.zip)

xPC-Target Embedded Furnace Emulator (coming soon)

Class Notes (under development)
Model files for experiments, notes

5. Fall 2004, Special Topics:
Project 1
Project 2 

Wafer Furnace Emulator (.zip)  This is a first-principles furnace emulator implemented in SIMULINK (1 .mdl file, 3 initialization and utilities .m files, R12). 
The model solves an one-dimensional (axial) radiation+convection heat transfer problem for the furnace shown in the figure (right-click and view-image to see more details). It is intended as a fast emulator of a production furnace for the study of system identification and control systems design principles. For this reason, the model contains several -often gross- assumptions and approximations but exhibits a reasonably similar behavior with actual production furnaces.

Emulator Features: 
- Temperature distributions for Element, Tube, Air, Wafer boat (including an approximate shower-head top and a pedestal bottom).
- Wafer boat loading operations.
- Five heating zones. TC measurements reflect approximate radiation contributions at each TC point.
- Radiative heat transfer between heating element and tube, tube and wafer boat, and direct element-wafer boat.
- View factors are computed during initialization with some simplifications for the wafer boat.
- Heat losses occur at the top and bottom plates and through the element-tube gap. (Better insulated top)
- Inert gas flow (top-to-bottom) at low flowrates. The gas is assumed to be transparent to radiation.

Computational Issues:
- Default discretization interval set at 0.5 sec., 2cm spatial resolution. With a 100 wafer boat (1cm spacing), each slice contains two wafers. This allows a 5x real-time execution. Doubling the spatial resolution (1 wafer per slice) slows down the execution to approx. 1x real-time (Pentium III, @700MHz, 256M, Win98SE).
- High operating temperatures and/or high gas flowrates may induce numerical instability and require lower sampling intervals.